Lighting the way with professional emergency lighting & security lighting systems for domestic & commercial clients in Maidstone

If your lighting fails it can be an inconvenience at the best of times, but in an emergency situation lack of light can be an added danger. In the event of a necessary evacuation, emergency lighting can not only help to see what hazards are around, but can also lead staff and customers to the nearest emergency exit and therefore safety.

As such an important part of an emergency system regular testing and maintenance is essential to ensure everything works as required in the heat of the moment.


Install & Maintenance

Design, installation, testing & maintenance of new emergency lighting systems.



Assessment, testing, repair & upgrading of existing emergency lighting.


Power Failure

Power failure emergency way finding lighting & fire escape illumination.

Emergency Lighting in Kent

At CWS we provide professional emergency lighting installation, testing and maintenance services to a wide range of domestic and commercial properties throughout Kent, London and the South East. All our electricians are certified to the correct standards and our work complies with BS 5266, which is the British Standard for Emergency Lighting.

With many years experience in the provision of emergency lighting we not only install new systems but can assess, test, maintain and upgrade existing emergency lighting systems in your premises. We will ensure your building complies with all current regulations, displays an appropriate certificate to prove your compliance for insurance purposes, and that all faults are logged and repaired, everything you need to form your Fire Risk Assessment.