Electrical solutions for commercial properties in Maidstone, Kent & London, including power supply, lighting, security & emergency backup solutions

Almost every business needs power. From basic essentials such as light and heat to powering computers and machinery, most of us take electric for granted, but reliability of our systems is hugely important to businesses and their ability to perform effectively.

Bad electrics can cost a business financially as well as in it’s effectiveness to operate, and at it’s worst can pose a threat to the health of staff and customers.


Computer Workstations

Custom computer workstation power, including surge protection and seamless power outage protection.



High efficiency, low cost lighting, including low florescence office solutions and bright point of sale lighting.



Security electrics, such as smoke detectors, security & way-finding lighting, CCTV systems & alarms.

Commercial Electrical Work In Maidstone

Expert Commercial Electricians in Kent

At CWS we provide a wide range of expert electrical services to commercial customers in Maidstone and throughout Kent, London and the South East. All our electricians are certified to the appropriate standards and every job complies with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Our many years experience working in commercial environments has taught us that whilst the basic power needs of most business are similar, the specific electrical requirements of each can be vastly different and should be approached individually. Whether designing electrical installations for new buildings or mapping and maintaining older electrical existing systems in buildings of historical importance, we are confident and capable.